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2023 Annual Meeting
P. O. BOX 1991

This is to inform you that the Chadbury Village HOA Annual Meeting, will be held on
Sunday, October 22, 2023 at 4 pm, in the green area, behind the Mail Box, please bring a
chair to sit on. (In case of inclement weather, the meeting will be rescheduled).
We will welcome all of the new residents, who have moved into our Community during
the past year, and look forward to having you join us.
Prior to the meeting, the Agenda, will be posted on the HOA website:
The Board will be addressing a number of topics, i.e.:
 Review of HOA Parking Guidelines
 Refreshing landscaping at the Fulford Court and Chadbury Lane Entrances
 Recruiting Residents to participate in Community Projects
 Board Elections for one vacancy will be held during the meeting. If you are
interested in becoming a Board Member, please let us know; go to the Contact form 
Page and fill out the HOA Contact Form, indicating your interest in becoming a
Board Member (residents must have resided within the Community for 12 months
to be eligible). The Chadbury Village Board of Directors is comprised of volunteer
members, Directors will be expected to serve in an active capacity.
If you have any questions or need additional information, contact the HOA Board at: We look forward to seeing you on October 22.

Thank you

Chadbury Village HOA Board

Meeting Agenda





Meeting: Sunday, October 22 from 4:00pm – 5pm EST
Location: Community Green Space Behind Mail Box
 Welcome and Introduction of HOA Board Members. Led by Chris Moon
o President – Chris Moon
o Treasurer – Carol King
o Secretary – Stephen Popadich
o Officers – Joyce Hanclosky, Bob Patterson
 New Owners Introduction and Welcome: Led by Chris Moon
 Review of Treasurers Report (Income/Expenses to-date 2023) Led by Carol King
o YTD - HOA has received $33,998 in 2023 dues
o YTD – 10/15/2023 Expenses
o 6 Homes sold in 20223
 Presentation of HOA Board Candidates: Led by Chris Moon
o Nominees will introduce themselves
o Interested owners can self-nominate at the meeting
o 1 seat is open for election – for a one year term
o Only owners are eligible to vote in the election, also only one owner per household
can cast a ballot
 Chadbury Village Website ( Led by Carol King
o CC&R’s, By-Laws, Architectural Request Form, Selling your home info, located on
this site – contact:
o HOA Board can be reached at:
 HOA Architectural Review Board: Led by Kimberly Byrd
o Reminder homeowners must submit an Architectural Request (form on Chadbury
Village website) for any changes to property/adding a shed

 Parking & Community Guidelines – Chadbury Village – Led by Chris Moon
o Parking Prohibited in roundabouts and within 30’ of stop signs, no overnight
parking by residents. All vehicles should be parked in driveway
o Okay to park: guest parking up to 24 hours, temporary parking by
residents/contractors/service personnel, during the daytime
o Parking Safety Concerns: need to ensure at all times, there is space for
emergency vehicles such as ambulances, and fire trucks to get through
o Chadbury Village home values depend upon the maintenance of all homes in the

 Community Updates – Carol King
o Pine straw installed along Six Mile Road
o Refurbished Chadbury Circle, removed dead bushes and put pine straw
o Removed dead bushes around Mail Box, installed pine nuggets with a
o Billy Swails Blvd Update –
 Community Celebrations- Stephen Popadich
o Neighborhood Christmas House Decoration Contest, children chose the
winning homes!
o School Out Celebration – On The Green – snow cone truck, jump
castle, corn hole, children karaoke, lots of dogs and families visiting
o Anyone willing to Volunteer for Community projects, there are sign-up,
sheets at the Welcome Table –

 Yard of the Month Committee
 Community Maintenance Committee

o Halloween – Trick Or Treating (if you do not wish to have visitors,
please turn off your outdoor lights)
 Community Suggestions/Concerns

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